Orlaith Cullinane

Orlaith’s work is about finding the wildness and the mythical amongst the ordinary and mundane – birds, animals, humans, fabulous creatures, living landscapes – infusing the drawing, printing and painting with that essence so they pulse with a charge of their original wild and raw life.

Órlaith was born in Armagh and now spends as much time as she can trotting around the legendary Cooley mountains.

She has spent time studying and working in Belfast, Dublin, London, San Francisco and Donegal – variously on a building site, as a costume designer for dancers and drag queens, making short films, animations and stage visuals and an interactive poetry machine.

Drawing, on widely varying scales, has always been a constant base, wherever it ends up leading. Recently that has been in paintings and printmaking.

She holds a lifelong ambition is to grow her own luxurious bushy tail.

Some of Orlaith’s limited edition prints are for sale at her online shop HERE 

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