‘Unexpected Gleaming’ Sculpture by Sarah McKenna


Ceramic with platinum lustre

31cm x 16cm


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‘Unexpected Gleaming’

Sarah’s response to Barbara Smith’s poem ‘Silver’ began with the registration of emotions as you wake in the morning, those second by second realisations as a new day dawns. She decided to return to making figures to express each stanza of the poem. Each stylised figure has a thoughtful expression, and the breast is decorated with a line drawing with gold and platinum lustres to represent the visuals in the poetry. Sarah added ornate headdresses to give these serene human forms some otherworldly movement.

Sarah make pottery & homewares that have layers of messages created using patterns, colour and text which subtly say little things people want to tell each other without having to say them out loud!

The patterns and colours knead memories and emotions into contemporary functional forms. Our nostalgia is transformed into an everyday object – a special gift, cherished today and lovingly preserved as an heirloom.

The pieces last the test of time and as we are becoming more conscious of the provenance of the objects in our homes actively aim to combat wastefulness.

For twenty years Sarah has handmade clay pieces with consideration for materials and the environment around us in her 250-year-old studio space in Dundalk, Ireland.

Ceramic with platinum lustre

31cm x 16cm

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